The English Language Program for Young Beginners is designed for learners that are at the beginning stages of developing English speaking skills.  Students, as young as five to nine years old, will benefit from this program as the lessons range in intensity,but begin with learning the English alphabet. In this respect, the program is proper for students that have no knowledge of English to students that have limited knowledge of sounds, letter blends, vocabulary, speaking syntax and reading comprehension.  Students will develop reading and speaking skills through engaging, interactive lessons. Students are kept motivated and excited to learn, making this program unique in comparison to others. 


Parents will find this program structured around two curriculums called, “Reading Eggs” and “Reading Eggspress.” As students move through the curriculum, they are increasing all aspects of English comprehension and speaking skills with the aid of a native English speaking instructor.  During each lesson,students receive one-on-one instruction and are excited to participate in the class because they are given the opportunity to create a character, play interactive educational games and create a virtual home.  These opportunities are distributed based on performance and time spent on lessons. This makes our English for Young Learners Program unique.  Rather than teach students in a traditionalEnglish setting, the instructor is able to interact with children in a more lively manner, which motivates children to continue studying past each lesson time.  The program is structured and creates a high interest level in English.


The program is structured into four units.  Students are able to begin at the unit that is proper for their ability.  Each student beginning the Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress curriculum is assessed on an individual  basis by their instructor through the utilization of a short engaging virtual assessment.  This ensures a student’s success and a program structure that is designed to their individual needs.  Throughout the program, the students are given short quizzes and tests by the instructor to ensure proper remediation when necessary. 


The benefits of the curriculums are that students are guided into having speech emergence and conversational readiness.  Once they have completed the distinguishing sounds portion they are guided towards conversing and reading skills.  Students are guided into this transitional period where they are a beginner ready to focus on conversational skills and vocabulary identification.  Therefore,this portion of the program, enhances a student’s ability to speak in complete sentences and read at a higher comprehension rate, while building vocabulary and writing skills. 

 A brief presentation of ReadingEggs can be find here:

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