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I have been working with Ivy Education for just about 2 years.  Prior to this I was a science teacher in US schools for about 10 years.  I worked primarily with students in grades 6-12.  There is simply nothing better than being an Ivy Education teacher! The simple truth is that I love my students and families, and I love teaching. I am truly honored to have been nominated for teacher of the year.


 The one-on-one nature of Ivy classes allows me to develop fantastic relationships with my students.  Many of my Ivy students are in grades 6-9.  Sometimes before joining me in class my students have had the best days, sometimes they have had the worst days.  That’s ok!  I know I am a history and science teacher, but my students and I often end up discussing grades, friendships, music, movies, travel, after school activities or even future plans.  I love that my students let me in to their worlds.  I feel like I can better support them when they do.  I am also able to personalize lessons based on what I know about each student.  I won’t share names, but I have literally had students cry with me in class.  Sometimes they just need a comfortable place to open up and I am so happy that they feel comfortable with me.  


I have also spent countless hours laughing with my students.  It doesn’t matter if I am teaching history or science or reading a novel, I love making learning fun.  We all learn more naturally when we are relaxed and having fun.  I have had some of the most fun during my webinar classes.  I love the one-on-one nature of Ivy, but the webinars are just so much fun for me as a teacher too.  My webinar students are engaged and always have tons of great questions!   If you have ever attended one of my webinars, you know that I never want them to end. 


As many of you know, a few months ago I was diagnosed with COVID.  I was fortunately able to stay home and out of the hospital but I was extremely sick for many months.  My students and families were patient and forgiving when I needed to reschedule classes and they sent me well-wishes nonstop.  On my worst days, I could always count on one of my students sending me a message or a silly story.  This meant so much to me during my recovery.



Learning from my students is one of the best parts of working as an Ivy teacher.  I once held class with a student on Chinese New Year.  Instead of cancelling class, the student and her family invited me to dinner with them.  Their iPad was placed on their family dinner table and throughout the meal my student and her family asked and answered questions.  I had never experienced this holiday before and learned so much from that one class.  It was such an honor to be invited and welcomed so warmly.  Ivy student families are simply the best!  



My students all know how much I love to travel; thus, they frequently share their own travel pictures with me.  I have not personally been to China, yet through my students I have seen the Great Wall of China, Olympic Park in Shanghai, the beaches of Hainan and the light show in Shenzhen.  The country and people of China are truly amazing.  I truly can’t wait to visit someday!  I feel like I have gotten to know the smallest piece of China through my students and I love sharing this with the people in my life here.


I have a few students that I have been working with for well over a year.  When we first started, two of these long-term students were very shy and unable to have a complete conversations in English.  However, just one year later one of these students recently finished a 400-page novel completely in English and another student has moved up 2 grade levels in her curriculum this year alone.  These once shy students now love talking in English!  Being a small part of this amazing growth is such an honor.  I am so very proud of all my students.  After long days at school and evenings of homework, my students come to our classes ready to learn and work hard.  Through their hard work they are becoming more and more fluent every day!  


Clearly, being an Ivy teacher brings me so much joy.  I simply cannot imagine doing anything other than this.  Thank you for the nomination and for taking the time to read this!


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