北京 纽约
Daisy Liu 获得 2014年7月的“Student of the Month
Congratulations to Daisy Liu, Ivy Education’s Student of the Month!

Daisy has the most remarkable memory!  After learning a new grammar rule or special pronunciation, she immediately is able to apply what she learns.  And, she never forgets!   Daisy is always willing to work and never seems to be bored.  She always brings an interesting story to share with me at the beginning of class.  One of the ways she shows her cleverness is the way she answers, "How are you?"   Each week she tries to find a new way to express herself...."I'm fine....I'm fantastic....I'm just so-so today.....I'm feeling great..."   She is charming and so respectful, and she deserves to be student-of-the-month.

                  Nancy Fisher

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