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5位学员同时获得 2018年2月的 Student of the Month
Congratulations to Lana Ni、Mcqueen Bao、Nancy Chen、Shuyang Tian、Tom Li Ivy Education’s Students of the Month!

Teacher Megan :

I would like to nominate Lana Ni for student of the month. Lana has grown in her concentration and work ethic during our classes. She has shown that she has become more careful as she reads because she has grown in her pronunciation of words and understanding of what she reads. I also think she has more of an interest in our history lessons during our classes, which has been wonderful to see!  She has grown in her understanding and retention of the material because she has been doing better and better each class on the quizzes at the end of the lessons. I look forward to continuing to work with Lana and watch her grow as a student of English and World History!

 Teacher Melody:

I would like to nonminate Mcqueen Bao.  He is always on time for class. He is not afraid to make changes in his studies and he works very hard to succeed. His English is very good and he does not hesitate to ask for the correct pronouncations. Just recently he has been using his session time to improve his understanding for some of his school work and he is studying to be ready for an interview for a better school. He is always enthusiastic whenever he is in class.

 Teacher Tracy:

I would like to nominate Nancy Chen. From the very beginning, Nancy has a cheerful attitude. She always exceeds my expectations with her comprehension of the reading material, whether it be fiction or nonfiction. Dependable and determined, she has mastered each new concept. She has added many new challenging words to her vocabulary. Nancy is so good natured and I enjoy each class together. For all these reasons and more, she deserves this award!

 Teacher Sandra:

I would like to nominate Shuyang Tian for this month’s student of the month.  Shuyang is always on time for her lessons and always has her homework done to the best of her skills and ability. She has had some difficult problems with English verb tenses, but her patience and determination in resolving these problems is a tribute to her maturity. Her sense of humor gives her writing an engaging style and she never loses her enthusiasm for the test at hand and making the most of it.  All in all, she is a most dedicated and delightful student to teach.

Teacher Nancy:

I would like to nominate Tom Li for student of the month.  Tom is studying in Germany, and so he studies German alongside his English.  Even so, Tom has not slowed down in his acquisition of new English vocabulary.  Tom's curiosity about science is boundless, and he loves a challenge.  Although it is difficult for him, Tom is working on high school biology and is excelling.  Tom deserves to be student of the month.  He has come a long way in his years of study with Ivy Education.

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