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6位学员同时获得 2017年10月的 Student of the Month

Congratulations to Alice Liang、Amy Xia、George Kunitomo、Lily Lee、Nami Shao、Tony Ding
Ivy Education’s Students of the Month!

Teacher Sandra :

I would like to nominate Alice Liang for my student of the month.  Alice is a highly skilled reader of English literature for a student of her age.  We have just finished studying Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice” and as her final essay on the book, Alice is now working on an analysis of the author’s use of letters in the novel. This is her favorite English literature text and she always comes to class eager to discuss the study questions I assign her. She also has very mature insights into the characterizations as well as into the author’s dramatic techniques for developing plot and character. Alice’s enthusiasm for the book is contagious!  We are making a start on Charles Dickens’s “Great Expectations” this week and I can’t wait to know Alice’s reactions to the story. She is a delightful and thoroughly engaged student.

Teacher Victoria:

I would like to nominate Amy Xia. Amy is motivated, excited about learning, articulate, and enthusiastic. She reads well, asks great questions, and strives each week to improve her writing skills. Recently, we began writing creative narratives and Amy's stories have been delightful to read. They are full of great details and excellent vocabulary. Amy is always prepared for class. Amy is an excellent candidate for Student of the Month.

Teacher Megan:

I would like to nominate George Kunitomo for student of the month.  He is a hard-working student who has progressed in his ability to write and speak English. He does a lot of writing each class and works hard to respond to writing prompts well. Each time his writing shows growth and I have less to edit and correct. George is also a fun student to work with, he has a good sense of humor and is easy to teach and talk with.  He works hard to learn new words and ideas, and his writing is proof of that.  I also enjoy our conversations at the beginning of each class—his conversational English is also improving each week. He is a great student to work with and I look forward to our class each week!

Teacher Jeanne:

I would like to nominate Lily Lee for student of the month. Lily is a very deep thinker who asks good questions in our Social Studies lessons and we have excellent discussions  during her classes. Her communication skills are amazing and her English is wonderful. Lily is able to come up with questions that I often have to look up and we both enjoy doing that. I thoroughly enjoy being her teacher because she makes me think, too. Lily deserves to be Student of the Month.

Teacher Elizabeth:

I would like to nominate Nami Shao. When we first began literature and writing lessons, she was only able to write three or four sentences, not in paragraph form. Today she is able to write entire paragraphs,  beautifully crafted with little to no corrections needed. This is because Nami has dedicated herself to learning and improving and she does so with a happy heart. It is an absolute joy to witness her love for reading. She works hard on her reading comprehension,  always keeping a dictionary near by in case she needs it. She excels during our vocabulary lessons as well and is now able to craft wonderful senteneces with new words. I highly recommend her for Student of the Month.

Teacher Nancy:

I would like to nominate Tony Ding for student of the month.Tony has been my student for more than two years, and he still comes to class with enthusiasm and determination. His participation is excellent, as well as his speaking and reading skills.Tony spontaneously tells stories that show his great sense of humor. He is currently reading Charlotte's Web.Tony's good oral reading skills being the story to life.Tony is attentive and enjoyable to teach, and he's progressing steadily in English.

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