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7位学员同时获得 2017年12月的 Student of the Month
Congratulations to Anne Sun、Claire Zhu、Elsa Jiang、Elsa Zhang、Jenny Gu、Oliver Wang、Sherry Yu Ivy Education’s Students of the Month!

Teacher Sandra :

I would like to nominate Anne Sun for Student of the Month. Anne is full of intellectual curiosity who has chosen to do a course on exploring different aspects of American culture so as to improve both her knowledge of America and also her writing. She comes to each writing project with interesting questions and a genuine sense of wonder about how things work in America. She uses our research effectively in her essay topics and always comes to interesting conclusions and observations about our culture. So far we have just completed our project on American attitudes to communism and are currently working on how a president is elected in our country.  Her open-mindedness and concern to “get things right” is commendable, as well as her diligence and conscientiousness in doing the exercises in the lessons.

 Teacher Laura:

Claire Zhu is my choice for student of the month. Although Claire is one of my youngest students, she is very smart, enjoys learning, and is quick to respond to questions. Claire is steadily becoming more confident in sharing her thoughts and what she likes. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is fun and engaged in the lessons, and it is a joy to teach her!

 Teacher Megan:

I would like to nominate Elsa Jiang for Student of the Month. Elsa and I meet for close to two hours every Sunday and get through a lot of material using the A+ program and an English workbook. Elsa works hard each class to do the work from both programs and she shows progress each class. She stays focused and tries to get the work done as accurately as possible, and I admire her determination to get the correct answers. Her English has greatly improved since we started our classes together, and her conversational English has also become better and more confident. I enjoy working with such a motivated and intelligent young lady and look forward to meeting with her every Sunday!

 Teacher Amanda:

I would like to nominate Elsa Zhang. She is a sweet, hardworking student who is excited to learn and develop her English. Elsa is always prepared for class and is always on time. She is consistently progressing and is eager to learn.  Elsa always greets me with a smile and is excited to share with me about  what she is learning in school and about the activities she has done. She tackles new challenges with a positive attitude and does not give up. Elsa always tries her best.  I have enjoyed watching her learn new things and how proud she is when does well. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Elsa.

Teacher Janna:

I would like to nominate Jenny Gu for my student of the month. Jenny is always prepared and on time, no matter how busy she is with her regular classes. Jenny has a inquiring scientific mind, and I always enjoy our discussions. I love having Jenny in my class!

Teacher Holly:

I would like to nominate Oliver Wang as student of the month. Oliver always previews his lesson material before coming to class and further prepares himself by becoming familiar with the vocabulary. He readily shares his ideas and opinions and enjoys facilitating discussions. He makes connections with past lessons and draws excellent conclusions and inferences. Oliver is bright, articulate, and confident. He is an all around outstanding student and a pleasure to teach.

Teacher Robin:

I would like to nominate Sherry Yu for student of the month. sherry is always on time and ready to learn. since I've been teaching sherry, she has been talking more and using words that are difficult to some. she enjoys spelling, English and reading. sherry likes doing things with her mom and dad. she also likes doing school activities with friends. I know sherry will continue to learn more as time goes on. she is a pleasure to teach.

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