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2位学员同时获得 2015年1月的 Student of the Month
Congratulations to Cindy Fan, Luna Li, Ivy Education’s Student of the Month!

Teacher Michelle Baughan:

I would like to nominate Cindy Fan as a candidate for student of the month. Cindy is a remarkable little girl who has grown leaps and bounds while working with  the reading eggs program. Both her English vocabulary and her pronunciation as well have improved immensely over the last couple of months. This reward would mean a great deal to both her and her mother - as they have both worked very hard along with me for these improvements!  GO CINDY!! 

Teacher Holly Cole:

My nomination for student of the month is Luna Li. She's amazing. Luna has done what is required of her and much more!  I assign her SAT vocabulary words to learn on a weekly to biweekly basis and we are reading an historical fiction novel, The Golden Goblet. She read the novel in its entirety and answered all of the discussion questions while on winter break with her family in Greece. Her ancestors are from a humble background, farmers. She is bright, gifted with linguistics, extremely hardworking and will undoubtedly make her country proud. I can't say enough good things about Luna. She inspires me to get up in the morning.   I nominate Luna❤️

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