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4位学员同时获得 2015年2月的 Student of the Month
Congratulations to Kitty Ling, Winnie Tian, Billy Wang, Adair Yan, Ivy Education’s Student of the Month!

Teacher Michelle Baughan:

I would like to nominate Kitty Ling as her English skills have grown much stronger over the last couple of months - and her English accent has also improved greatly. Most importantly... Her confidence has grown immensely and, therefore, I nominate Kitty Ling!! 

Teacher Nancy Fisher:

I recommend Winnie Tian for her positive attitude and willingness to try new activities and learn new vocabulary.  She now takes her class without her mom's help. She is always repeating, practicing her pronunciation. I think she is the most joyful student I have ever taught.

Teacher Christian Legler:

I recommend Billy Wang for his enthusiasm related to his American history course.  He has been my student since last summer and is always engaged when discussing the content.

Teacher Robin Garrison:

I would like to nominate Adair Yan. He started with me knowing very little English, but with his determination and his mother backing him he has come along ways and has made significant progress in a short time.

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