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7位学员同时获得 2015年6月的 Student of the Month

Congratulations to Peter Wu, Jack Li, Rose Zhang, Kitty Ling, Tony Ding, Blake Zhang and William Wang, Ivy Education’s Student of the Month!

Teacher Sandra Richards:

"I would like to nominate Peter Wu for Student of the Month, He keeps up with the work by always completing the work ahead of time and practicing the lesson during the week. He is thoroughly focused on doing well and his outstanding powers of communication enable him to learn very quickly."

Teacher Christian Legler:

"I would like to nominate Jack Li for student of the month. Jack has been a student for almost a year . He is always enthusiastic and engaged during class. In addition, he is able to think critically about the topics that we discuss."

Teacher Robin Garrison:

"I would like to nominate RoseZhang for student of the month. Rose is reading more and has moved up several times in her lessons, always on time and ready to go!"

Teacher Michelle Baughan:

"I would very much like nominate Kitty Ling for student of the month. Kitty has recently taken on an additional class so that she can perfect her English skills. She will be coming to America this summer, she is very excited about been able to converse with people in the states! Kitty has improved so frastically sice she has been with IvyEd. In the beginning, she did not want to even talk... Now she looks forward to many ,many discussions throughout our lessons. She has truly blossomed into a remarkable English speaker...Any in a short amount of time, really. She always strives to learn more,do more! She is just an all-around great young lady!"

Teacher Nancy Fisher:

"I would like to nominate Tony Ding for student of the month. What a great guy! He works hard and knows how to have fun at the same time."

Teacher Peggy Dieckman:

"I would like to nominate Blake Zhang for student of the month. He comes to each lesson prepared with vocabulary learned and information researched on the Internet always shares his thoughts and contributes to the lesson."

Teacher Holly Cole:

"I would like to nominate William Wang for student of the month.William is an amazing young man: Sudious and extremely articulate, with a demonstrated ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize new material. William always comes to our lessons well prepared, and he extends the curriculum on his own time. Finally William's writing skills would be considered above average for an American student his age. Nevertheless, William constantly strives to take his writing to the next level."

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