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6位学员同时获得 2015年7月的 Student of the Month

Congratulations to Gabriel Wu, Terry Tan, Peter Tan, Stacey Gong, Alice Feng and Kevin Tian. Ivy Education’s Student of the Month!

Teacher Peggy:

" I would like to nominate Gabriel Wu for student of the month, He is an amazing student. He is very bright and works hard to research each lesson. He works on his vocabulary and studies before each lesson. His English shows improvement weekly!"

Teacher Robin:

" I would like to nominate Terry Tan  for student of the month for all his hard work, Kindness and determination. I will miss him as he has moved to Texas."

Teacher William:

" I would like to nominate Peter Tan for student of the month, he is one of my best Biology students, More effort than i have seen from many students that i have head the pleasure to teach. His English has vastly improved as well as his overall comprehension."

Teacher Nancy:

" I would like to nominate Stacey Gong for student of the month, She is very enthusiastic and in every class, she does her best. Stacey listens carefully and can pronounce new words perfectly. She is a delightful student."

Teacher Holly:

" I would like to nominate Alice Feng for student of the month, Alice is a very hard working student. She always comes to our lessons prepared and goes beyond what is required of her. Alice is putting extra effort into improving her writing skills, and she does rewrites in an effort to take her writing to next level. Alice also asks questions during the lessons. Her natural curiosity and love of learning make extending the lessons with outside sources rewarding."

Teacher Kristina:

" I would like to nominate Kevin Tian for student of the month, He has made incredible gains and is always practicing English. He is extremely enthusiastic, always searching for new information, and has a genuine interest for learning. In addition, he actively participates by asking questions and giving examples. His enthusiasm is a great asset to his present and future success."

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