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6位学员同时获得 2017年1月的 Student of the Month

Congratulations to Tony Zhou, Shantina Ma, Ella Chen, Albus Shang, Tony Liu and Mcqueen Bao. Ivy Education’s Student of the Month!

Teacher Amanda:

I would like to nominate Tony Zhou. Tony is always excited to come to class and learn.  He always brightens my day with his sweet smile and enthusiasm. Tony tries his best and has improved his reading.  When he first started class with me he was hesitant to read aloud, now he is very eager to read and does an amazing job going back in the story to answer questions.  Tony has also gone from answering questions with one word to answering in sentences. I am very proud of the progress he has made.

Teacher Robin:

I would like to nominate Shantina Ma for student of the month.  shantina is always ready to learn English.  She does well. Shantina  does her homework I give her right after each class with me. She also finds time to send me videos of her playing the piano and pictures of her drawings she has done. I enjoy seeing and teaching her every week.

Teacher Peggy:

I would like to nominate Ella Chen for student of the month. She's an amazing student who realizes the importance of her education at a early age she has developed a friendly outgoing personality and is easy to hold a conversation with I look forward to our studies every week and she is always prepared and eager to learn new vocabulary what I love most about teaching Ella is her ability to always find questions to ask and her desire to learn.

Teacher Sandra:
I would like to nominate Albus Shang. Albus is in love with writing, which makes our classes both lively and stimulating.  Albus always appears for lessons well prepared, and with his homework done well before the class. He is especially talented in creative writing and his vivid imagination makes it easy for him to use figurative language in his English writing  course tasks. He is always engaged and full of ideas about writing, and I use part of the lesson to discuss his own creative pieces with him. He is just now writing his own version of a Harry Potter novel.  His drive to write well in English makes him progress very well and successfully through the course.

Teacher Nancy:

I would like to nominate Tony Liu for student of the month.  Tony no longer hesitates to speak.  In fact, every week he starts out the class by telling me about an interesting part of his week.  Tony is not only good at English conversation, but also he's particularly good at analyzing scientific concepts.  Tony keeps moving up to higher grades in the program, showing rapid improvement.

Teacher Melody:

I would like to nominate Mcqueen Bao. He is always on time for class and he works very hard. He is such a joy to teach and he loves telling me a joke to start or end our sessions. He sent me a Happy New Year card with special stamps inside especially for the Year of the Chicken. He works even when it is difficult, like when the temperature went down to -1 degrees and his legs started to cramp. He did not stop the lessons, he just continued. Again, he is such a joy to teach and he always uplifts my spirits.

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