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6位学员同时获得 2017年2月的 Student of the Month

Congratulations to Danny Lv, Eugene Shi, Nancy Chen, Alicia Zhang, Katrine Fu And Elsa Yu. Ivy Education’s Student of the Month!

Teacher Amanda:

I would like to nominate Danny Lv. He is a hardworking student who prepares for each lesson and enjoys working  to develop his English.  Danny always completes his homework and shares with me books he has read. He is consistently progressing and gaining more confidence with his English. Danny is not afraid to ask questions when he does not understand something.  He tackles new challenges with a positive attitude and doesn't give up. Danny always tries his best.  If he does not know a word he takes his time to sound it out. I have enjoyed watching him become a stronger reader. It is pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Danny and watch him grow.

Teacher Elizabeth:

I would like to nominate Eugene Shi. She works so hard on her pronunciation and reading exercises while always maintaining a happy spirit.  Eugene is not afraid to ask questions when she doesn't understand something. She voluntarily takes notes. When she meets a challenging reading lesson,  she takes her time to pronounce everything correctly and she makes sure she understands a concept before moving forward.  Her zeal for learning English is truly inspiring and she deserves to be student of the month.

Teacher Sandra:

I would like to nominate Nancy Chen.  She is studying a demanding literature novel, "Great Expectations" and finds the reading very difficult.  Nevertheless, she persists and never shows signs of giving up.  Once she develops a good understanding of the reading, she can meet the challenge of the comprehension tests and develops her own ideas about the essays she has to write which are usually accurate and precise.  She is now approaching the stage in her critical writing where she can organize and develop her ideas with a minimum of help from me, and she is managing all this while settling into a new school and culture in Australia!

Teacher Robin:

I would like to nominate Alicia Zhang.  Alicia comes to class with a smile and with an eagerness to learn both social studies and English.  She likes to express herself with English words and will stop while reading to ask me how to pronounce a word and give its meaning . She wants to learn as much as she can and it shows. I look forward to teaching her each week.

Teacher Peggy:

I would like to nominate to Katrine Fu.  She is an amazing hardworking student who studies for each lesson and works hard to develop her oral vocabulary in English she has made a lot of improvement and works hard to master each lesson.  She enjoys talking about her family and her daily life at school which helps her to develop her conversational English.

Teacher Nancy:

I would like to nominate Elsa Yu.  Elsa participates with much enthusiasm, and she always has a ready smile.  She is progressing quickly through Reading Eggs.  Her speaking skills are improving, and she speaks with especially clear pronunciation.  I think we both enjoy our classes very much! After Reading Eggs put this instead.....Elsa has proven herself to be an excellent spammer.  Through a wide variety of online games, worksheets, and even through self-study in homework assignments, Elsa has mastered many phonics rules.  It shows in her oral reading which she can now do with expression and good rhythm.  Her speaking skills are improving, and because she has improved her vocabulary, she finds conversation easier.  Her pronunciation is especially clear.  The classes are lively and I enjoy them very much.

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