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7位学员同时获得 2017年7月的 Student of the Month
Congratulations to Andrew Huang 、Cola Wu、Jean Zhang 、John Gao 、Joyce Xu 、Polly Pang 、Shanyi Ren Ivy Education’s Students of the Month!
Teacher Holly:

I would like to nominate Andrew Huang for student of the month. Andrew is a bright young student who works hard during every lesson. He always possesses a positive attitude and consistently demonstrates a love of learning.  He enjoys exploring new vocabulary words and ideas and adds to the enrichment of every lesson with his inquiring young mind. He gives even the most mundane of practice exercises his utmost time, attention, and effort. He also works hard at fluency and has made significant gains with speaking and pronunciation. I enjoy my lessons with Andrew and look forward to seeing him every week.  

Teacher Peggy:

I would like to nominate Cola Wu as student of the month. She has such an amazing personality and makes our lessons fun and interesting. We read our Magic Treehouse books and discuss the characters and she learns new vocabulary every lesson, she also find so much humor in the stories and develops understanding of character setting and plot. She also works in Reading Eggs and has really developed her pronunciation of words she is doing extremely well and I am proud to be working with her.

Teacher Robin:

I would like to nominate Jean Zhang for student of the month. Jean comes to class on time and ready to learn. Jean started a year ago with me not knowing much English.  Jean has been moved up several times in both English and spelling. Jean is a student who catches on quickly. She is also a sociable person. She likes to talk about her friends and what they do each week. She keeps busy socially and academically. Jean is always pleasant, never disagrees and wants to continue to learn. She is a joy to teach.

Teacher Megan:

I'd like to nominate John Gao for student of the month. He is a very hard working young man, and a pleasure to teach in my 7th Grade Social Studies class. He takes notes during class and asks really good and relevant questions about what we are studying, and he consistently does well on the quizzes at the end of the lessons.  He is also genuinely interested in the material and always asking for more information. He is also growing in his vocabulary and in his grasp of complicated words and concepts. He is a great student and I look forward to our class each week!

Teacher Sandra:

I would like to nominate Joyce Xu for Student of the month. She has continued literature classes throughout the summer, despite preparing for and taking the very difficult SAT exams. We are doing very challenging novels such as "The Great Gatsby" and "1984" but she manages to keep up with the readings and comprehension very successfully. She is doing analytical essays on aspects of these and other novels, and always comes to class full of interest and enthusiasm.  She tackles the formidable challenges "head-on" and brings a humor and calmness to her studies that is rare in a student of her age.

Teacher Melody:

I would like to nominate Polly Pang. She always is on time and with a smile, even though it is late at night and she has been in class all day. She takes notes during our session and studys very hard. She is soft spoken and her English is very good. Polly always asks for clarification if she does not understand something, which does not happen very often. She is very serious about her studies which shows in her attention to details. She is always a joy to teach each week and I really miss her when she cannot make her lessons.

Teacher Nancy:

I would like to nominate Shanyi Ren for student of the month.  Shanyi has a very good English level, and she is curious about science. Because her level is high, I add extra material to her class to challenge her; Shanyi always responds with enthusiasm. Shanyi is particularly good at asking extension questions. She has a thirst for knowledge, and I enjoy debating with her. Recently she has begun working on her writing level which is also quite good. Shanyi especially deserves student of the month for her positive attitude and participation.

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