北京 纽约
Bowie Lu 获得 2014年6月的“Student of the Month"
Congratulations to Bowie Lu, Ivy Education’s Student of the Month!

Bowie Lu is an outstanding student.  She shows interest in her lessons, and learns very quickly.  She focuses well and can master the skills in each lesson, even though she is a beginning English student.  And, you can tell that she loves learning with her teacher!  She has a beautiful smile and is very enthusiastic, saying every sound and clearly saying every word.  She is a joy to teach, and I look forward to seeing her every week!  You would never know that we are far away, as we have developed a wonderful relationship around the world from the United States to China!  Bowie is a very smart and engaging little girl."       
                      --- Ms. 
Linda Muldoon

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